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What Do You Do if Your Partner in Bed is Keeping You Awake Night After Night?

Woman Sleeping

We know the importance of a good night’s sleep.

What do you do if your partner is keeping you awake, night after night?

Jim Mueller, the Managing Partner of Verner Brumley, was recently featured on Fox News Radio to discuss his thoughts on how the quality of sleep may affect the quality of a couple’s marriage:

“A very common theme is sleep patterns, and whether they’re in the same bed or different beds, it certainly isn’t uncommon for me to hear clients come in and say they haven’t slept in the same bed in five years. […] But that doesn’t necessarily seem to be the root of the issue. There always seems to be something else in there, but it definitely can be a contributing factor.

If you decide to sleep in different rooms because you’re angry with each other, that’s one thing, but if you sleep in separate rooms because there’s a disruption to your sleep pattern or one person snores/moves around a lot and then you come back together on the weekends, that’s a completely different situation.”

According to Jim, the issue should not be ignored either way, because sleep is so important. Here is what he had to say about couples where snoring is an issue that is keeping a partner awake:

“As a couple, you simply do what works for you. There’s a lot of people I know that have work schedules that don’t allow them to be on the same time frame.”

Jim continues by explaining the importance of making a point to spend quality time with your partner as a major factor in maintaining a successful marriage:

“I think every couple needs to have both “me time” and “together time”, and with the way that our lives are these days, and society, things just catch up with us. And you look back and you don’t realize you’ve been working so hard, and raising the kids this much, and you know, suddenly you haven’t been on a date in three weeks. It’s important to schedule that.”