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The Dangers of Dating During Divorce

Why You May Wish to Hold Off

Going through a divorce can be a lonely process, so many people turn to dating to try and fill the void they may be feeling. Unfortunately, dating during a divorce can be incredibly dangerous to one’s case. Here are some reasons why you should avoid dating during a divorce.

Avoiding the Appearance of Infidelity

Remember that you are still married until the judge signs your divorce decree, thereby dissolving your marriage to your spouse. By beginning a new dating relationship with someone while you are still going through a divorce, your spouse can become suspicious of your new partner and begin making accusations of infidelity against you. Even if you met this person and started dating them after you and your spouse filed for divorce, your spouse may not know this and assume otherwise. In doing so, this can increase the level of conflict between you and your spouse.

Implications On Your Case

With the increase in tension between you and your spouse can come difficulty working on a potential settlement agreement. This could lead to a longer divorce timeframe and could add to the cost of your divorce.

The bigger issue at hand, however, is the potential implication that your new relationship could have on your final settlement agreement. Should you become involved in a new relationship, your spouse and their attorney could argue that you have begun using community property (like your money) on your new partner, which could subject you to reimbursing your spouse for what you spent. You could also be accused of marital waste, and both of these potential situations could lead to reimbursement for your spouse coming in the form of other community assets.

Seek Advice from a Divorce Attorney

If you are unsure of how to proceed with anything in a divorce, whether you face the prospect of a new relationship or a different situation, it’s important to discuss your concerns with an attorney who can help you understand how best to move forward. At Verner Brumley Mueller Parker, our team can help you make the best decisions as you navigate through a divorce to the new beginning on the other side.

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